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Series Of Rare Photos Offers Further Support To Smiling Danzig Theory

Is this a genuine photo of Glenn Danizg smiling? Click to embiggen.

On his website photographer Pat Blashill presents a lengthy slideshow from a 1985 Big Boys performance; lurking in the background of many of these pictures are the members of Samhain (who ostensibly played the same gig). Eerie Von, Steve Zing, and Pete Marshall all seem to be enjoying the Big Boys, but it is Samhain leader Glenn Danzig who appears most pleased, beaming from ear to ear and pumping his fist in several of the photos.

Danzigologists are embracing these recently unearthed Blashill photos as they further the controversial theory that Danzig can smile, suggesting the singer experiences a palette of emotions similar to most humans. Skeptics counter with the fact no exact date for this alleged concert has been offered and that certain shadows around the mouth are similar to images seen in a dental trade magazine.

Do you believe Glenn Danzig can smile? Is this just another harmful lie put forward by the Bilderberg Group and/or the Heavy Metal Trilateralists?

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Team Coco Meets Das Racist, Summarily Rejects Them

“Conan’s” been on TBS for over a year now, and it’s been hard to admit lately that I’m still with Coco because the vibe of his current installment has unfolded as broad and showbizzy (example: they literally play “Name That Tune” sometimes). So imagine my surprise Monday when I learned back-of-the-class hip hop jokesters Das Racist were billed as the program’s musical guest for that evening. Anticipation immediately stirred within me. Surely DR’s East Coast sensibility (read: they’re New York oddballs who give no fucks) would somehow poison the safe “Let’s Make a Deal” vibe that generally cocoons the L.A.-based “Conan.”

As you can see, Das Racist turned in a television debut worthy of their rep: Heems and Victor lazily reciting the lyrics to their claustrophobic single “Michael Jackson” before bringing out an actual MJ impersonator to bust a move over some freaky break beats. Fun stuff, I thought, but the majority of Team Coco appears to disagree. The show’s Facebook page quickly filled up in the hours after the program with comments from cranky fans decrying Das Racist as “horrible” and “disgusting” and “the worse [sic] music group” the show’s ever booked. Hey, c’mon gang, play fair. You can’t really level the “worst ever” accusation at anyone when Cobra Starship’s been on “Conan” at least twice.

For the record, people on Twitter are being even more dramatic:

I’ll admit this Das Racist performance didn’t live up to the greatness of the studio version of “Michael Jackson,” but it was still visually enticing, audibly interesting, and leagues more entertaining than the Jason Segel interview (“Hey Conan, does America know I’m obsessed with puppets yet?”). I don’t know who it was that got DR on “Conan” when they don’t have a record deal and their most recent release is three months old—probably the same person who snagged that super reclusive king of musical mope Morrissey for tonight’s show—but they deserve a raise.

Quote Of The Century

I remain steadfastly proud of Years of Refusal, which along with You Are the Quarry and Ringleader of the Tormentors are my life’s peaks. These three will allow me to die in peace. I am no longer in the thrall of anything that preceded them; the past is not me.”

– Morrissey, dissin’ his legacy with the Smiths