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The Exorcism Of Necrobutcher Happened, But It Also Didn’t Really Happen

Watch the entire “Hey, Let’s Spiritually Cleanse a Black Metal Musician!” segment from Norwegian television below and you’ll see what I mean (yes, the crucial parts are in English).

“Whatever, bro! I’ll call you if Linda Blair shows up at my house.” Whatta load of baloney. We, the global audience, were thirsting for Necrobutcher’s total protonic reversal. C’mon, Bob Larson, force that bass player to implode on himself!

Finally, Someone’s Exorcising Necrobutcher

Norwegian black metal bassist Jørn “Necrobutcher” Stubberud, he of Odin-worshipping stalwarts Mayhem, has agreed to be exorcised next week in Arizona by famed televangelist Bob Larson. The results will be aired on Norwegian television in October, although if Satan actually does manage to shoot out of Stubberud’s mouth in a vicious hell-spawn rage I’m sure the footage will find its way onto YouTube by the end of the month.

Of his upcoming supposed demon-cleansing, Necrobutcher has gone on record to call Larson “a quack” and claims he’s only participating “for the fun of it.” I guess you have to get your kicks where you can when you play bass for a band with such a high mortality rate.