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Station Identification

My name is James Greene, Jr. (please, call me James) and I am a freelance writer. My work has appeared in such storied publications as Crawdaddy!, Orlando Weekly, New York Press, Splitsider, Geek Monthly, Nerve, and Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader. I also wrote the liner notes to Gluecifer’s best of / rarities disc Kings Of Rock (currently out of print). At the moment I do most of my writing for No Recess!.

My first book, This Music Leaves Stains: The Complete Story Of The Misfits, was published in 2013. Please to be consulting the TMLS F.A.Q. for pertinent details. According to the Austin Chronicle I “pull no punches” as I “accurately and respectfully” relate the tale of Jersey’s most celebrated punks. According to Superchunk drummer Jon Wurster my book is good enough to photograph yourself with at an airport.

In 2017, I had a second book published. It’s called Brave Punk World: The International Rock Underground From Alerta Roja to Z-Off and it’s all about the development of punk rock around the globe. Learn more here. “I loved this book,” said online rock critic Mark Prindle in a Facebook post. The guy who mows my mom’s lawn hasn’t read it yet but tells me it’s on his list.

Personals: I was born and raised in the southwest corner of Connecticut, the Nutmeg State. Oh, what a state of nutmeg in which we lived and breathed. Brooklyn, Albany, and Florida have also been home. I’ve never been married and I’ve never owned land. I’ve also never had my tonsils out. I had a dog once. Her name was Minnie. I fed her carrot sticks.

I have a BA in organizational communication from the University of Central Florida. Yes, the college where they shot “Superboy.” Somehow Disney still reigns as Orlando’s most popular tourist destination.

You can hear the sound of my voice on Yaxzon Jackson, the podcast wherein I discuss Michael Jackson with Rollie Hatch.

That’s all for now. Thanks for visiting.

JG2 @ NYP (So Far)

Last September, I began contributing to the New York Press. Here’s everything I’ve written for them so far in one handy referential blog post.

Crystal Ball Drop – Psychic predictions for 2010. Nekkid Sarah Palin! Giant South American bats! Dr. Phil kidnapping!

Hitting The Mark – Review of Mark, a new burger joint in Manhattan.

Electric Teenage Lust – I had sex at a power plant once. It was cool.

Hot New Import – Covers last year’s invasion of Brooklyn by fast food chain Checkers (or Rally’s, for all you Middle America types).

Brooklyn’s Own Delphi – Story ’bout an all-knowing hardware store entity in the Park Slope area.

Happy reading.