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The Dingus In Other Dimensions

– a couple weeks ago I wrote this story for Orlando Weekly about a funky old mansion in the area; can’t tell you if it’s haunted but I know for sure it does not have air conditioning or a helipad (or a Starbucks)

– last week I was a guest on the the inaugural ep of “Newbridge Nights,” an unsanctioned wrap-up program for Tom Scharpling’s “Best Show”; believe it or not I spend most of my time talking about Glenn Danzig and his music

Station Identification

My name is James Greene, Jr. (please, call me James) and I’m a freelance writer. My work has appeared in such publications as Crawdaddy!, Orlando Weekly, New York Press, No Recess!,¬†and Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader. I also wrote the liner notes to Gluecifer’s best of / rarities disc Kings Of Rock (currently out of print).

My first book, This Music Leaves Stains: The Complete Story Of The Misfits, was published in 2013. Please to be consulting the TMLS F.A.Q. for pertinent details. According to the Austin Chronicle I “pull no punches” as I “accurately and respectfully” relate the tale of these New Jersey punks. Superchunk drummer Jon Wurster told me he “really liked” This Music Leaves Stains.

In 2017, I had a second book published. It’s called Brave Punk World: The International Rock Underground From Alerta Roja to Z-Off and it’s all about the development of punk rock around the globe. Learn more here. “I loved this book,” said online rock critic Mark Prindle in a Facebook post. The guy who mows my mom’s lawn hasn’t read it yet but tells me it’s on his list.

Personals: I was born and raised in the southwest corner of Connecticut, the Nutmeg State. Oh, what a state of nutmeg in which we lived and breathed. Brooklyn, Albany, and Florida have also been home. I’m married but I’ve never owned land. I’ve also never had my tonsils out.

I have a BA in organizational communication from the University of Central Florida. Yes, the college where they shot “Superboy.” Somehow Disney still reigns as Orlando’s most popular tourist destination.

You can hear the sound of my voice on Yaxzon Jackson, the podcast wherein I discuss Michael Jackson with Rollie Hatch.

That’s all for now. Thanks for visiting.

Give Me Delta Or Give Me Death

Orlando Weekly let me go last week. They said it was a budget thing, but to be honest with you I think they were sick of me pitching Delta Burke stories every day. Hey, it’s not my fault the world’s most beautiful and talented actress hails from this corner of the universe. It’s like Plato said: you can either get on the Delta Burke train or you can get flattened by it.

Stay tuned for the soft launch of my new periodical, Burke Beat, where you’ll finally learn “the real deal” about Delta’s experiences overseas filming Where The Hell’s That Gold?

The Punk Scene In Shusterville

Recently I wrote a four part series for Orlando Weekly about the “Superboy” TV program they filmed in and around the City Beautiful twenty-five years ago. There was a lot of ground to cover, and one angle I had to leave out was the show’s handful of references to punk rock. There’s an episode in season one where Superboy goes undercover at a punk club to thwart a gangster (or is it a demon?), but everyone there looks more Sisters of Mercy than Sex Pistols—except Superboy, whose disguise is straight up Glenn Hughes from the Village People (complete with bushy facial hair).

There’s another instance where a character tells Clark he’s “taking the punk thing too far” because his hair is messy or his clothes are all torn up from fighting some evil, but the best of these moments can be seen in the still above. Wandering around town like a stray dog, the evil Bizarro makes his way to a shopping center where these extras from Dudes emerge from a store, take one look at him, and tell him his outfit looks stupid. That’s right, Billy; punk rockers are so crazy they aren’t even fazed by rampaging Superboy clones.

Yes, Bizarro is a clone in this series, not an alien. Clark also spends the last two seasons interning for the FBI. Listen, the producers of this show got off on tweaking canon. That male punk at the strip mall is wearing cargo pants, for the love of Christ!

Area Man Blogs For Alt Weekly

Keep your eye on Orlando Weekly’s blog section, for I am now a daily contributor. It’s only been a week and already I’ve managed to work cape buffalo into a story. Cape buffalo, I say. Your draconian rules of alt weekly-ing mean nothing to me. You can’t tame this fire.

Related: I am now living in Orlando. Hey, I’m as shocked as you are.

But I digress. For a (more or less) complete history of my freelance writing career dating all the way back to that wild and wooly year of 2005, scroll down to the JG2 OFF-WORLD menu on the right hand side of this page. If any of the links direct you to some nonsense that isn’t stuff I’ve written, I apologize. I can’t configure every known website to best benefit me.