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We Command You To Give In To This Michael Jackson Podcast

Hilarious pundit C. LeMar McLean joins us for the most recent episode of “Yaxzon Jackson” to discuss the confusing anthem “Give In To Me.” Things really heat up when we decide to tear Slash a new hat hole!

Yax Jax 010: “Give In To Me”

Apologies for not posting these eps in a more a timely manner. I have no excuse and should be beaten with a shoe for my insolence.

Why You Wanna Trip On My Michael Jackson Podcast?

Episode the second of “Yaxzon Jackson” is up and ready to be consumed by you, the eager listener. Dig in to hear Rollie and I discuss “Why You Wanna Trip On Me,” Michael J’s sequel of sorts to “Leave Me Alone” that features zero seconds of rapping from Heavy D:

Yax Jack EP 002

We also turn the tables this time by having Rollie be the one who is too loud.

Other show notes: I had only been awake for fifteen minutes when we started recording, the construction noises you hear are real, the phone calls you hear are fake, Rollie is still handling all the tech stuff so hats off to him, I struggled hard not to make any Garry Shandling references in this ep.

I Was On A Podcast

Wednesday night I recorded a guest appearance on “Schlock Treatment,” a podcast about bad movies hosted in part by my friend Kirk H. The cinematic selection this week was The Prophecy II and since I wrote a book about the Misfits these guys figured I could offer some interesting insights into Glenn Danzig’s small role in the film as this renegade hell angel. Did I do a good job? That’s for you to decide:

“Schlock Treatment” #125: Pontificatin’ on The Prophecy II w/ JG2

Big thanks to the “Schlock” crew for having me on their show. I had a blast, even when I was reading that viewer mail about the weird dinosaur movie. Apologies to Park Overall, whose name I mispronounce in the episode as “Pork” (assuming they left that gaffe in).