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Hot Dogs In Space

I’ve been taken with Blank Generation by Richard Hell & the Voidoids for seventeen years, since I first heard it freshman year of college. It’s romantic and imaginative and jazzy and poetic without being dreadful or pretentious. I often struggle with the fact so many consider it an esoteric work; to me it’s just as accessible as anything by Elvis Costello or Radiohead.

Then I remember every time I’ve put on Blank Generation with the sincere hope of converting someone only to watch their face contort in confusion in response to the opening song.

“Are they saying ‘hot dogs in space?'”

No…but they may as well be.

By the way, I just finished reading Richard Hell’s autobiography, I Dreamed I Was A Very Clean Tramp. Some interesting nuggets in there. Did you know Johnny Thunders supported Jesse Jackson for president? What a campaign rally that would have been.

Testy McCheckcheck (w/ Zeke)

This is a test post because my last entry Houdini’d its title. To make it worth your while, I have included twenty minutes of punk n’ rollers Zeke tearing up some stage in 1998.

I remember the first time I heard Zeke. It was Dirty Sanchez, right after it came out. I’m being dead serious when I say I thought it was too good and did not listen to it again for over a decade. I just couldn’t handle it. I felt like I was having a heart attack when I heard it. Has that ever happened to you?

Some Radiohead albums are like that for me as well. One or two Prince cuts too. That Prince, with his dirty funk!

More Fake Batman 3 Rumors

– John Lithgow will play a prematurely aged Joker who hides his face behind an oriental fan

– Batman will grow a lengthy, luxurious beard to distinguish himself from all the imitators

– At one point, a magic ray gun will turn all the characters into babies

– Extended sequence at Lollapalooza featuring hilarious Radiohead cameo