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Your Move, Creep


Even though it wasn’t the REAL Robocop, Richard Nixon was still excited. He knew that this was one of Robocop’s many helpers who went around using his eyes to videotape the Christmas wishes of Republicans all over America.

Look at the expression on Fauxbocop’s face. It’s like someone tricked him into this photo op. “Dammit, Gary, I’m gonna murder you for this. You know I hate Richard Nixon.”

Related topic: I came up with an awesome parody of Robocop last night called Rowboatcop. It’s basically just Robocop in a row boat, chasing after criminals across lakes and fjords. I bet he could row pretty fast, right? The only danger would be the water. If his hard drive got damp, he’d probably freak out, drive to his old house, and punch a TV again.