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Scott Reynolds Apologizes For Teasing Danzig (Via Song)

Earlier this month, All singer Scott Reynolds fanned the flames of heavy metal Hell when he appeared at Chicago’s Riot Fest dressed as perennial grump Glenn Danzig. The Glenn Brigade was none too pleased with Scott’s “tribute,” and they’ve been giving the guy grief ever since. So, a couple days ago, Scott uploaded the following musical apology to Danzig, saying he was “being a dick” and that he “knows what it’s like to be picked on.” All fans will appreciate the Descendents joke tucked in there, but will any serious Danzig fans accept this mea culpa from Scotty Fake-zig?

More On That Scott Reynolds Danzig Riot Fest Comment

Curiosity got the better of me the other day regarding what All singer Scott Reynolds allegedly wrote on Facebook about playing with Glenn Danzig last week at Chicago’s Riot Fest (the former was said to have labeled the latter an “egomaniacal douche nozzle”), so I messaged Scott via the FB about it. Apparently, Scott wasn’t referencing any specific incident—he’s just bummed, as a long-time Misfits fan, that everything Danzig’s done with his eponymous band has been so serious and muscle-laden and obsessed with sex. Nothing personal, just depression over the D Man’s stylistic departure from the fun of the Misfits. Of course, it should be noted that during All’s Riot Fest set, Scott expressed these frustrations by dressing up as Glenn. LULZ. Something tells me Danzig won’t fire back by getting a JFK haircut and bookworm reading glasses.

Watch The Majority Of Danzig’s Chicago “Legacy” Concert

Glenn Danzig performed the first in his series of four 2011 “Legacy” concerts Friday night at Chicago’s Riot Fest, headlining the day-long event with a special set of material reaching from present Danzig day all the way back to his storied years with Samhain and the Misfits. Glenn’s strict “no camera” policy couldn’t stop one intrepid fan far in the back row from recording the majority of the performance (beginning from the Samhain chunk of songs). Check it out below.

Sounds pretty good, right? Those period-specific backdrops are sick, too. I just might have to try and weasel my way into the New York “Legacy” gig at Hammerstein later this month. Seriously, I’m a friend of Glenn’s sister, let me in.

Danzig may have put on a great show for his legions of skull-worshipping fans, but rumors are flying around the Internetz this morning about the expected backstage rigmarole. All singer Scott Reynolds hath apparently posted to the Facebook, “Had a great frickin’ weekend…I hung out with some of my favorite human beings in the history of ever! And I gained new respect for Glenn Danzig, because I never knew how much work goes into being such an egomaniacal douche nozzle.”

Hey man, if you spill Danzig’s kitty litter, be prepared to pay the price.


Overture of the Rebel Angels
Hammer of the Gods
Rebel Spirits
Twist of Cain
Her Black Wings
Devil’s Plaything
How the Gods kill
Dirty BlackSummer
It’s Coming Down

All Murder, All Guts, All Fun
Horror Biz
Unholy Passion
Let the Day Begin
To Walk the night
Mother of Mercy

Death Comes Ripping
Night of the Living Dead
Astro Zombies
Last Caress

Bringer of Death
Not of This World



Vocals: Glenn Danzig
Guitar: Tommy Victor
Bass: Steve Zing
Drums: Johnny Kelly

Vocals: Glenn Danzig
Guitar: Tommy Victor
Bass: London May/Steve Zing
Drums: Steve Zing/London May

Vocals: Glenn Danzig
Guitar: Doyle
Guitar: Tommy Victor
Bass: Steve Zing
Drums: Johnny Kelly