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Never Mind The Yadda

I’ve been doodling again. This is one of the better recent efforts. Finally, we have some idea what it might be like if the cast of “Seinfeld” dressed up like the Sex Pistols. Click it to embiggen and god save the manssiere.

Serenity Now

They’ve wrapped an entire train on New York’s 7 subway line, inside and out, to look like the diner from “Seinfeld.” Because “Seinfeld” is an obscure show that nobody knows about, a show that really could benefit from more advertising. People don’t constantly quote it like scripture. No one’s turned the program’s wacky fictional holidays into real celebrations. Maybe this will help with all that.

All kidding aside, I would like to see LaGuardia turned into the fort from “F Troop.” Give Larry Storch some love.

Photo via Gianni Shimari.

Today’s Mental Debates

Would a video game called Larry David Simulator merely follow the venerable comic through an average week in his life or would it be more of a “career mode” thing where you get to navigate Larry through his time at “Fridays” and “SNL?” Would it be a traditional RPG or a first person shooter (don’t ask me what Larry David would shoot, aside from venomous barbs and wild hand gestures)? Say you can’t cut a deal with Larry David to actually voice himself in the game—who do you get instead? Does Bill Hader do a passable LD impression? Would the making of the game be more interesting than the game itself?

Get Well, Daniel

More sad news: Daniel von Bargen, best known for playing George Costanza’s booming boss Mr. Kruger on “Seinfeld,” was rushed to an Ohio hospital Monday after a botched suicide attempt. Bargen, a diabetic, attempted to shoot himself in the temple with a .38 revolver because he was dreading a scheduled surgery to have some of his toes amputated. As of today, the actor’s condition is reportedly improving, but there is no official word on the extent of Bargen’s injuries. Shocking, to say the least. Let’s keep our fingers crossed Daniel isn’t in an irreparable way and can somehow conquer his demons. The guy’s a legit comedic powerhouse.