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I Met The Batmobile

Here I am with Michael Keaton’s car from Batman Returns (or one of ’em, anyway). It currently resides at the Tallahassee Automobile & Collectibles Museum, right next to Val Kilmer’s car from Batman Forever and directly in front of the fun cycle Adam West and Burt Ward used to tool around on in the ’60s. A fun place to visit, especially on Valentine’s Day. The place was empty. Guess most couples don’t find vintage Jeeps romantic.

P.S. Tallahassee is a cool town but if you have Mountain Dew dreams prepare yourself for their Mello Yello reality.

Area Man Takes Christmas Selfie

When reached for comment, the man’s family confirmed the photograph in question was one of nearly fifty-three he snapped in front of the ornament’s reflective surface.

“He kept mumbling about ‘capturing the true spirit’ of Christmas. We think he needs medical help.”