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JG2Land Exclusive: Hot Steamy Greaser Pictures!

Currently, the number one search term that brings people to this blog is “greaser,” on account a’ last July I wrote a brief entry poking fun at Shia LaBeouf’s dubious Mutt Williams character from Indiana Jones and The Yeah, Sure—Aliens, Communists, Whatever—Let’s Just Shoot This Shit And Go To The Bank Already. Said entry was tagged, of course, with the word “greaser” and numerous phrases revolving around that word (“shia labeouf questionable greaser,” “that greaser isn’t greasy enough,” etc).

I deleted the greaser post a while ago during a protracted period of self-loathing, but that has not stopped hundreds of people from stumbling across JG2Land every time they type the “g” word into whatever search engine they like to dick around with when no one’s looking. I guess the Internet just likes to trick people. It’s the electronic equivalent of the asshole who purposely gives you bad directions because his father hit him once when he was twelve.

Well, I’m going to end your disappointment right now, ’50s geeks and Brylcreem enthusiasts. Here I present for your viewing pleasure a nice selection of hot, steamy greaser pictures. Stare at these photos for inspiration before slippin’ on your leather jacket and headin’ over to the malt shop to give Ponyboy and Sodapop Curtis what for. Hey Cunningham, I ain’t no stoolie!