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There’s Mad Robot Noises On The New Korn Song

Hey, have you ever wondered what it would be like if nü-metal stalwarts Korn recorded a duet with Optimus Prime? Well, wonder no more! “Get Up,” the first single from Korn’s forthcoming tenth album The Path To Totality (LOL, that sounds like a Schwarzenegger movie quote), has hit the Internetz, and it’s rife with robotic scat noise. Alas, said noise comes courtesy not of an actual Transformer but of dupstep all-star Skrillex. Further disappointment crystalizes when you realize the song underneath all those weird futuristic effects is uninspired rap metal-by-numbers. Yet, I feel I can forgive the lack of oomph here simply because these guys are seventeen years removed from “Blind” and there’s really nowhere else to go once you’ve covered Cameo.

The Path To Totality drops on December 6, just in time for the seventieth anniversary of Pearl Harbor Day. I can’t think of a better way to honor our heroes who fought in World War II than with a new Korn album. Hey Grandpa, ARE…YOU…READY?????