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This Michael Jackson Podcast Will Not Heal The World

The longest episode of “Yaxzon Jackson” to date includes beer sippin’, multiple “Saturday Night Live” references, a small snit about “We Are The World,” and some wild new mailbag sound effects. Dig in:

Yax Jax 007: “Heal The World”

Apologies for lapsing into the Brody Stevens impression. #positivepush

“…And All Of A Sudden, You’re Kurt Loder!”

“Norm Macdonald Live” can be pretty hit or miss; this episode with David Koechner is total hit, possibly the best they’ve done. Discussion of / jokes about the Replacements, “SNL” lore you haven’t heard a squillion times, and Norm’s frighteningly accurate Nixon impression. As always there are some NSFW moments, but the toilet humor seems to be developing a deft hand. Is Norm starting to care, slightly?

Whatever the case, I give it five stars, Jim Bob says check it out.

Today’s Mental Debates

Would a video game called Larry David Simulator merely follow the venerable comic through an average week in his life or would it be more of a “career mode” thing where you get to navigate Larry through his time at “Fridays” and “SNL?” Would it be a traditional RPG or a first person shooter (don’t ask me what Larry David would shoot, aside from venomous barbs and wild hand gestures)? Say you can’t cut a deal with Larry David to actually voice himself in the game—who do you get instead? Does Bill Hader do a passable LD impression? Would the making of the game be more interesting than the game itself?

They’re Making Trailers For Cheeseburgers Now

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to have rockin’ wildebeest Zakk Wylde play one of his famous anus-clenching guitar solos with your heart valves? Come Saturday residents of California will wonder no more as Zakk unleashes his own signature “berzerker” cheeseburger. It’s a bunch of crap on top of a bunch of crap SMOTHERED IN CHILI.

How soon before “SNL’s” Taco Town is reality? P.S. You clods spelled “berserker” wrong.