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Awesome Ideas For Gremlins 3

– Mr. Wing’s family comes to the States from China to try and kill Gizmo, who now lives with a down-on-his-luck Billy in an affordable housing unit in Brewster, New York; eventually it is revealed that Wing himself has been illegally breeding gremlins for years in various American cities as part of a massive insurance scam

– the brain gremlin, having somehow survived the gremlin holocaust at the end of Gremlins 2, escapes to the Staten Island dump where he begins plotting his next move; unfortunately, local townspeople mistake him for the chupacabra and hire a band of cryptozoologists to try and capture him; the final scene is a parody of King Kong wherein the brain gremlin will climb atop a Rite Aid with an undressed Barbie doll to fight off a cadre of blood-thirsty pigeons

– while on vacation in South Beach Billy accidentally drops Gizmo in the ocean; suddenly the beach is filled with sex-starved mogwai who begin furiously mating as soon as they hit the sand; eventually the president decides to nuke the entire state of Florida

– Judge Reinhold’s character has been secretly hording gremlin DNA since the first movie and attempts to sell what he has to the government; little does he know the gov’t were the ones who originally created gremlins to distract Americans from the botched assassination of Walter Mondale; the final scene reveals Mondale alive and regularly ingesting gremlin hormones in a secret Area 51-type facility so as to attain immortality (it’s also revealed that Ronald Reagan didn’t have alzheimer’s but a deadly disease that slowly turned him into a blood-thirsty pigeon)

– three words: gremlins down under