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Eartha Kitt: 1927-2008

Eartha Kitt, the sultry southern minx who famously sang the 1954 rich girl rant “Santa Baby” and who later used her irresistible feline inclinations to great acclaim as TV’s Catwoman, died yesterday at the saucy age of 81. Colon cancer was the sassy, sexy culprit.

What can you say about ol’ Eartha? She was a fierce lil’ lady who seemed like she’d be a lot of fun to go out on the town with. Always fun to listen to. She definitely made the best Catwoman (despite her lack of height). She was in Ernest Scared Stupid, which doesn’t really mean anything. I just wanted to mention it.

LeMar had Eartha K. in the Official 2008 JG2Land Death Pool & 401(k) Program, bringing his total score to 65. Goddamn, LeMar, when it comes to predicting high-scoring celebrity deaths, you are excellent. Score recap:

LeMar M. – 65
Nathan C. – 16
Me – 8
Everybody Else – 0

Rest in peace, Eartha. You were my favorite singer whose name closely resembled the name of our planet.