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Q: So, Like, How Do You Even Get A Book Published?

A: One of the top questions I get since the release of This Music Leaves Stains and most certainly a thing that makes many a person on Earth go, “Hmmmm.” Monica Byrne recently posted a succinct answer / explanation to this on her blog; click here to read it. I would only add a few bits:

– you don’t necessarily have to finish writing your book before making the steps toward publishing; I only had two or three chapters done for TMLS when I started reaching out (in late 2010) to agents and smaller publishers who accept submissions from authors and it was still far from fini when I signed the contracts with Rowman & Littlefield (in early 2012)

– however it plays out, at some point you’ll probably have to write a proposal for your book (so as to avoid having the same conversations with a thousand different industry people); a proposal consists of one or two sample chapters, an explanation of who you are / your relation to the subject, an explanation of the book’s intended audience, any ideas you have for marketing, descriptions of similar pre-existing books, and a bit on how long the book will be and if it’ll require any special kind of formatting

– dovetailing with the racism and sexism of the publishing world is its age, which is predominantly old; the only reason TMLS exists is because one of the younger editors behind the project (someone actually involved in punk) showed the ruling board a Misfits Facebook page and there were enough members to prove to them that this band has some kind of value; recently I began work on another book that will focus on punk rock history and Taylor, the R&L imprint that released the paperback of TMLS, turned it down because their agenda is heading toward Baby Boomer material

Of course, per that last point, Monica notes in her post that we have the power to alter everything. So don’t give up, let’s smash the system, write write write, feel free to ask me anything about my nascent experiences in publishing at any time.

Q: You Figure Out What’s Going On With Your Next Book Yet?

A: Yeah, got a topic, got an angle, actually feel stronger about it than the Ghostbusters book that went down the toilet, slowly moving forward. Should find out this week if Taylor Trade (the people who paperback’d This Music Leaves Stains) wants to handle it. If they don’t, I’ll just find somebody else.

Not revealing the subject at this time but I will say: it’s not about InnerSpace.

El Cheapo Softy Of My Book Now Available On Amazon

I have been informed that Amazon already has $14 paperback copies of This Music Leaves Stains available for sale. This is because, apparently, there never was a real “street date” for the release; it was just whenever the elves at Taylor Trade got it done. The projection was mid-October, but lucky for you, me, and the other Misfits fans of the world Taylor’s minions worked on the quicker tip (awesome, great job!). So why don’t you hit up Jeff Bezos’s Party Machine and cop my tome? Your local book retailer (Gram’s Reading Nook? The Bookmark?) probably won’t have This Music for another couple weeks. WHO CAN WAIT SO LONG?

In Which I Reveal The Title & Cover Of My Book

For the past two years I’ve spent the majority of my free time furiously working on my first book, a biography of punk rock legends the Misfits. Even though I signed the publishing contracts in January of 2012 it’s only been in the last few months that the whole thing has started to feel real. What tipped it, I guess, is settling on a title and a cover. Now it can be revealed that in October/November of 2013 Taylor Trade will release in softcover This Music Leaves Stains: The Complete Story of The Misfits by me, James Greene, Jr. Retail price should be about twenty-five bucks.

Funny thing: if you were to look up This Music Leaves Stains right now on Amazon.com, you’d find a listing for a hardcover version coming out in March via Scarecrow Press priced at fifty bucks. As was explained to me by the Rowman Publishing overlords (the company what umbrellas both Scarecrow and Taylor Trade), this is the “library” edition of the book, the edition institutes of learning and knowledge like to snap up with all their fancy edu-ma-cation money. I think I wrote a really great book, but I don’t think it’s worth fifty bones. So my advice is ignore what’s on Amazon right now unless you’re a library or someone who has flagrant disregard for the value of all currencies.

So I bet you’d like to see the cover, huh?

Thanks to the graphic peoples at Scarecrow/Rowman for whipping this bastard up. It is based on a design yours truly assembled. The photos of the Misfits themselves, though, were taken by the talented and generous Kevin Salk.

Extra special thanks to family, friends, and regular readers who have supported me during this whole nutty endeavor. I love and appreciate you all. Couldn’t have arrived here without you. Stay tuned for more news—thinking up nifty promotional stuff and considering actually asking Bernie Casey to read the audiobook. Who knows what might happen!

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