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So My Book Is Out Already?

Hey, remember when I said the hardcover version of This Music Leaves Stains (a.k.a. the booky-wook I wrote about the Misfits) was coming out in March? Well, according to the powers that be at Scarecrow Press, they “got lucky” during production and were able to release the book early. Like last month early. Valentine’s Day, to be exact. No one from Scarecrow hepped me to that, but I ain’t mad. Just caught a little off guard.

As noted before, the hardcover edition of This Music Leaves Stains is meant to be purchased in bulk by libraries and educators. Thus, it boasts a rather steep price tag ($40-55). I think I wrote a really great book but not one worth fifty bones. If you’re bursting at the seams to read this thing and wanna go to Amazon right now to pick a copy up, hey, I appreciate your enthusiasm, but please be aware a softcover version comes out in Autumn that’ll retail for around $25. I encourage the majority of you to wait for what (if I were a record store in the 1980s) I’d call “the nice price.”

Pictured: the free copies of the hardcover Scarecrow sent me last week. Soon these will be gone, autographed and sent to various friends, family members, and garden gnomes I’ve befriended over the years. See how nice and shiny they are? Thank you, Scarecrow Press.