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Rivers Cuomo Watched “Titanic,” It Didn’t Make Him Sad

Dig the latest tween mall jam from Weezer, “(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You.” Here’s something I thought I’d never say: this song makes Tinted Windows look like the Ramones.

Speaking of Weezer, did you know they’re a five piece now? I’m not even making that up. Patrick Wilson moved from drums to guitar/back-up vox (Brian Bell, you better watch your ass!). Taking Pat’s place on skins? Josh Freese. Guess those Chinese Democracy royalties didn’t amount to much more than a hill o’ beans for ol’ Josh. I ain’t hatin’. Freese gotta eat.

But anyway, this “I Want You To” song makes me wanna go buy Crocs and nail polish. I think I’m gonna go do that now.

Important Points I Feel Must Be Made At This Current Juncture

– It’s more humid than Rosie O’Donnell’s nether regions in New York today

– I still think that Tinted Windows song sucks mad bawlz

– Over the past month or so, I’ve really lost enthusiasm for the soda book I’ve been working on; a couple walls were hit concerning structure and depth; for now, I’m putting the manuscript aside and moving on to other projects

– Making a hacky swine flu joke after someone sneezes in public is akin to shitting on the floor at a stranger’s funeral

– I have three articles in the upcoming June issue of Geek Monthly

– The Hipster Grifter’s apology was weaker than Batman Forever

– The return of Darryl to “The Office” last night made me squee with joy, and squeeing is something I usually never do

– Rob Halford is probably my favorite metal vocalist of all-time

Numerous Ways To Describe That New Tinted Windows Song

– The sound of Illinois and Ohio farting simultaneous Cheap Trick b-sides

– The kind of song they play at Claire’s Accessories to get ten year old girls excited about hoop earings

– A sparkly, Disney-sounding co-op of every slightly sugary alt-rock band circa 1996

– Taylor Hanson casting off the oppressive shackles of his musical brethren and firmly planting his foot on the next rung of the pop rock ladder

– Bun E. Carlos casting off the oppressive shackles of Robin Zander and firmly paying off his third mortgage with the revenue from this juicy slice of teen pop that will undoubtedly appear in the next movie Zac Efron makes

– Nowhere near as good as that song from my last post